Welcome To Rockss Automation Technology Co. Ltd,
Welcome To Rockss Automation Technology Co. Ltd,

Welcome To Rockss Automation Technology Co. Ltd,

Rockss automation equiement Co.ltd is specializing in the sales and repair of various automation products and the sale of spare parts for the world's leading brands of inverters, CNC systems, (DCS systems) (robot systems) (large servo control systems) PLC modules. The company's products include distributed control system (DCS), programmable controller (PLC), MOTOROLA MVME industrial module, industrial control communication converter (Anybus), remote output/input module (RTU), industrial computer (IPC), industrial low frequency screen (IPC), human-machine interface SCSI (50, 68, 80Pin) AnyBus (Gateway), has become a global industrial automation spare parts and parts sales and maintenance service company.

We have a good supply channel can also be directly from foreign countries, can provide different countries, manufacturers of equipment and spare parts, to solve the trouble of looking for more or worry about the quality of the product, we have a great advantage in price, product details, we sincerely welcome you to call or use E-mail inquiries!

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